Northwest Queensland has experienced a catastrophic flood event. Up to 500,000 cattle, sheep and native animals have perished.

Sisters of the North decided to help.

Through crowdfunding, Australia responded overwhelmingly with over $250,000 raised in ten days to help those affected.

SOTN’s next hurdle was to get the assistance directly to the communities that need it without the bureaucracy or red tape.

How it works

LiveVoucher is a simple SMS to SMS service to distribute funds using “vouchers” which can be redeemed as goods and services at registered businesses in affected communities.

LiveVoucher starts with a “seed voucher” into which a large sum of money is placed.

Sisters of the North issue Ambassadors, trusted members of the community, with a quantity of vouchers.

Ambassadors distribute vouchers to affected people by SMS-ing LiveVoucher the recipient’s name, mobile number and quantity of vouchers. LiveVoucher then SMSs the recipient their voucher with a unique code.

When a recipient walks into a registered business to purchase goods or services, the recipient gives the business their voucher’s unique code.

The business will SMS LiveVoucher the unique code for verification. When the unique voucher code is verified, the recipient leaves with their goods and Sisters of the North reimburses the business at a later date.