2017/18 SERIES:

The 2017/18 Future Stars Series will be running across Futurity Events in 2018.  

There is a new steering committee in place and more information will be released in the next few months before the 2018 Campdrafting season kicks off.




  • The 2016/17 series has a new rule in place:
  1. The Future Stars Series for 16/17 and for all series in the future, will only apply to HORSES THAT HAVEN'T STARTED IN AN OPEN AGE EVENT
    If you do start your horse in an open age event, ie, any event that allows horses of any age in, no points will apply and you won't be eligible for the final 


  1. Series runs from June 28th, 2016 to Final in 2017 at Alpha on August 3rd, 2017
  2. Any committee that uses Campdraft Central and runs a Futurity (Horses 4 years and younger) are automatically eligible.
  3. Horses that have at least 3 scores will be eligible for an Average of those 3 scores.
  4. Horses that have more than 3 starts, only the best 3 scores will be counted in the average. 
  5. The series is open to any horse, Under 5 years of age as of July 31st 2016
  6. Horses can have started in a draft 
  7. It is up to the local committee whether they run a Restricted Futurity (a futurity for horses that have not started in an open aged event, eg, maiden, novice, open, encouragement, ladies, etc) or Open Futurity (can have started) is held.
  9. Horses that have accumulated points in the series and then start in an open aged event will be automatically removed from the leaderboard and won't be eligible for the final
  1. Final for the 2017 Future Stars series will be at Alpha on August 3rd
  2. If your horse can compete, it will be just another futurity to boost your average
  3. If you horse can't compete, you'll need 3 previous scores to qualify before Clermont
  4. The rider of the horse in the final must have at least one score in another futurity on the horse.  If you are seriously injured, however, you can change the rider in the final at our discretion.
  5. The final will be the top 10 horses with the highest average
  6. Those finalists will receive a shirt from Hitchley & Harrow to be worn during the final.
  7. At the end of this normal event, the 10 will run a separate final on their own
  8. The score in the final will add to your average to obtain a winner, eg. 86.5 + 90 = 176.5

$12,000 total prize pool

  • 1st Place - $6,000 plus Rasps Spurs created by E.R. Bits & Spurs plus saddle pad
  • 2nd Place - $3,000 plus Saddle Pad.
  • 3rd Place - $1,500 plus Saddle Pad.
  • 4th Place - $1,000 plus Saddle Pad.
  • 5th Place - $500 plus Saddle Pad.
  • 6th-10th Place -Saddle Pad (depending on all 10 saddle sponsors come on board).
  1. At the end of the series, the top 5 horses that receive cash, will need to be verified, either by registration papers or a vet certificate, for age verification before monies are paid
  2. All prize money includes GST.
  1. Any disputes regarding scores must be made within 3 days after the end of each draft directly to us - not the participating committee.
  2. Any discrepancy between committee information and what is alleged, eg, incorrect horse name, will always favour what the committee has recorded.  
  3. It's your responsibility and it is respectful to all committees that your information is correct before you ride in their event.  
  4. Any misconduct, unfavourable or down right non-human behaviour, such as harassment  or abuse directed at us or host committees will be reported to the ACA Code of Conduct committee.
  5. Depending on the outcome of the Code of Conduct, you may be excluded from the next Series as well as all other Campdraft Central PTY LTD promotional activities.